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Hot Yoga

The term Hot Yoga is used to describe various styles of yoga that share the common feature of having the classes take place in high temperatures. Typically, temperatures for hot yoga classes can vary from anywhere between 27 to 38 degrees celsius. But what are the added benefits of doing yoga in the heat? ThisContinue reading “Hot Yoga”

BioHacking101: Natural Bodily Hormones and How to make them work for YOU

Our bodies naturally produce various hormones to help us with our day-to-day functioning. This page provides a background to these everyday and the ways in which we can use our body’s natural mechanisms to our own advantage. Main Natural Bodily Hormones:• Endorphins (the “Stress Regulator” Hormone), • Dopamine (the“Feel-Good” Hormone),• Oxytocin (the “Love” Hormone),• SerotoninContinue reading “BioHacking101: Natural Bodily Hormones and How to make them work for YOU”

Escaping the City Life

Despite being born and bred in a small North Devon coastal town, just a stone’s throw away from long picturesque beaches, I really enjoy the buzz of big city life when I am able to make the trip. When I am amongst it, I can understand why many people crave the fast paced lifestyle, despiteContinue reading “Escaping the City Life”


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