Benefits of Cold Showers


Getting in- Too Cold too Soon  

People often associate cold showers with getting straight into your shower with the  temperature on the lowest setting and it is not surprising that such an instant temperature shock  may be off-putting to some. If stepping into a freezing cold shower isn’t for you, there is more  than one way to achieve the same benefits of cold showering without having to jump right into  the deep-end.  

As is popular in the Nordic countries such as Sweden and Finland, many people enjoy getting  into a nice warm sauna or hot tub before plunging into chilling waters. While the temperature  change may be dramatic, the warmth of the sauna makes it significantly easier to get into the  cold as your internal body temperature will take a while to register the apparent change.  

Of course, not everyone has a sauna at their disposal, however most showers do have  temperature control; controlling the temperature is a fantastic way of getting into a cold shower.  As with the Scandinavians’ tactic of warming their bodies before approaching cold temperatures,  we can replicate this effect by cranking up the temperature to a nice warm feel and then  gradually decreasing the warmth in incremental stages suited to what feels comfortable for you.  How low can you go?  

After a Workout!  

Why not try a cold shower after an Intense exercise session? Following an intense session you  are sure to feel hot, cold showers offer you a plethora of directly relevant post-workout  benefits. As well as cooling you down, cold showers aid with muscle recovery, helps with muscle  soreness, increase blood flow and circulation as well as boosting weight loss.  

Benefits of Cold Showering:  

• Wakes you up- this is due to the increase in oxygen and heart rate caused by the body  defense mechanism in an effort to increase your body temperature and also causes you to be  more alert.  

• Increases blood flow and circulation and helps reduce inflammation.  

• Weight Loss boosting effect  

• Beneficial for hair and skin  

• Burns Calories  

• Good for the immune system  

• Aids Muscle Recovery post-work and reduces muscular soreness  

• Saves time, the average hot shower is 8 minutes, Average cold shower is between 2-3minutes  • Save Money on hot water costs  

While it is clear the benefits of Cold showers don’t forget that Hot showers also have benefits:  • Helping with cold symptoms  

• Open your skins pores and helps clean out trapped dirt and oil  

• Clearing your airways  

• Muscle relaxation  

• Great for aiding the body in regeneration and body detoxification.  

BUT Hot Showers do have some drawbacks:  

• Dry out your skin by causing damage to your skin cells located on the outermost layer of our  skin  

• Increase blood pressure 

Difference between Cold and Hot Showering?  

Cold water causes our blood vessels to constrict causing your blood to go to the middle of your  body while hot water showering, on the other hand, provides the adverse effect causing blood  to come rushing out to our bodies organs and muscles.  

Alternatively you can Alternate:  

While there are apparent health benefits to both Hot and Cold Showers, an additional benefit  may be found in Contrast showering. This involves alternating between hot and cold at 1 minute  periods for 3 to 5 cycles.  

Now Go out there and Get COLD!

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