The Holiday Perspective: Maintain your Mental

Holidays are a fantastic way to unwind. There is no better way to get away from our everyday strifes than by relaxing in a brand new or different environment. However, our ability to relax and absorb our new surroundings is less to do with where we go and more a result of the way we approach our setting.

When we go on a trip away we pay far more attention to our surroundings and the things we usually dismiss in our day-to-day lives. If applied correctly, using this holiday perspective to our normal lifestyle we are able to reap enormous benefits.

Make everyday a holiday: Things that you can incorporate in your day to day.

Make an effort:

Whether it is wearing your favourite clothes, making a special breakfast or going out for dinner, you don’t need a reason to do the things you enjoy. This can be as simple as a subtle change to something you already have to do or even something brand new entirely.

Treat Yo’self

When on holiday we often find ourselves using that fact we are on holiday to justify making the most of our time. Why not apply this same attitude to your life? With this approach you can change your working week into a couples retreat. There is no need reserve relaxation for your days off.

• Slow it Down!

Nowadays everyone is in a rush. With cars hurrying to overtake each other to shave minutes off their journeys and Satnavs calculating the fastest route to reach our destination; What are we doing with all this extra time?
Sometimes it is not always the best to be in a rush. It is important to appreciate that the quickest route is not the only route and instead can feed our impatience rather than making us more efficient. There is no harm going the wrong direction, taking a new route or aimlessly wandering; you have little to lose and far more to gain. Whether it is finding a new park or cafe, by exploring your local area you have the possibility of finding more places that were previously unknown to you.

Talk to strangers:

The age-old mantra “Don’t talk to strangers” is entrenched in us from a young age in an effort to keep us safe. While it is important to maintain your safety, as an adult, adopting the same attitude too harshly can lead to disconnection from others. Do not limit yourself to your current circles. Whether it is talking to a fellow dog-walker, chatting to an elderly person or reconnecting with an old friend, projecting positivity has the potential to brighten your day as well as others, paying it forward so to speak, you may be surprised by its rewards.

Keep it Green:

With ever-changing nature around us, connecting with some green spaces can be a fantastic way of seeing a different side to the places you love spending time. Seasonal changes can have a huge impact on our mood and it is important that we tend our lifestyle to suit our environment.

Try something New:

Tourists are fantastic at doing things in you would not usually consider, putting yourself in the positions of someone visiting your own area can be a great way to try new things, you would be surprised the amount that is left to explore.. Tourists activities also provide a wonderful template to either follow or take inspiration when looking at new things. Alternatively, there are many pastimes which remain constantly new. Whether it is going to the cinema to watch a new screening, venturing to a live-show or concert, there are countless streams which provide lots of up-to-date activities.

I hope this provides useful help and have a nice Holiday!

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