How to Stretch your Time: Make YOUR Time work for YOU.

While it may feel as though time is something that is entirely out of our control, there are many practices that we may adopt into our lifestyle in order to stretch out our minutes into hours.

Observance: Time is felt to increase in speed as we increase in age.

This is certainly true. They way in which we experience time when we were younger feels significantly longer due to the wealth of new experiences with the constant learning and development we have at our feet.
However, as we continue to develop, the new becomes normal. In response to this our brains attempt to conserve mental energy by reducing the way we perceiving the experiences that are no longer new. Hence, time feels faster.

This perceived increase in speed of time may be due to a number of factors. Indeed, when were children a year of life amounts to much more time of existence percentage-wise. For example, for a 10-year-old, one year is 10 percent of their lives, whereas for a 60-year-old, one year is less than two percent of their lives.

An example of our brains influencing our perception of time may be seen with when we walk. The first time we take a new route will feel longer than the following times we trek the same distance. The more times we follow this same path the faster and faster it feels until it becomes the new normal. Of course, this does not mean that we should not refrain from doing the same thing more than once. But, there are many things we can do to change the same path into a new experience, even if it is subtly different.

How to Stretch your time?

Refrain from the Routine: Spontaneity.
• We all have things in our life that need to be done, but these pillars of our lifestyle can often lead us into a rut. Performing the same tasks day in, day out can slowly breed feelings of discontent as such, it is vital to break this monotonous chain. Act on impulses. There is no time like the present, procrastinate the unimportant and prioritise the NOW.

  • Always stay One step ahead of your head.
  • Experience new things and sit outside your comfort zone. Find comfort in the uncomfortable: Stretching minutes
    • Cold Showers, Intense exercise(HIIT), Yoga
  • Meditation Meditate without Mediating:
    The benefits of Meditation are well-document, but, for many beginners the biggest obstacle is found in focusing their mind while doing nothing and incorporating meditation into their lifestyle . However, there are many activities where you can achieve the same benefits without having to refrain from activity. These include activities such as:
  • Reading,
  • Cooking,
  • Learn a new skill
  • Listening to music.
  • Start Journaling to practice reflection.
  • Playing/Learning an instrument

All these actives require focus to some degree on the activity you are conducting while engaging different parts of your brain and prevents you from being bogged down by everyday thoughts.

New to Mindfulness? Not to Worry! For those who aren’t ready to dive into meditation just yet, practicing mindfulness is easy with The 54321 Method just Follow these simple 5 steps:
• Name 5 things you can see.
• Name 4 things you can touch.

• Name 3 things you can hear.
• Name 2 things you can smell.
• Name 1 thing you can taste.
After completing this sensory-awareness grounding exercise, you should feel calmer, more grounded, and, hopefully, more mindful.

Take a Picture:
• Don’t only document the significant. Bookmark the small, capture the intricate elements of your day and you will gradually build a catalogue of those memories both big and the easily forgotten.
• These are not necessarily pictures you will be posting online but provide more of a personal insight to your day that only you will see the full significance and the context behind.

Note: It is important to not overlook the amount you do. Often when feeling tired we overlook the causing factors for us getting to such a state. In such circumstances, it can be useful to look back at your captured photographic memories to reaffirm the things that fill our days.

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